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Originally posted by razabq
On a more serious note, everyone here can agree that the term syndrome has mostly negative connotations. If we are to have a fair exchange of ideas, one group should't refer to the other's position with a -ve term right? I never used the word syndrome did I?

I propose Pre-disposed Tendency Towards Accepting Religious Ideas (PeTTRI). Since it kinda sounds like that fundamental tool for so many science experiments, the petri dish, hopefully the Atheist camp will accept?

I still maintain that belief in science is not mutually exclusive to belief in the supernatural tho
Let me apologize first.

Secondly, 'syndrome' may have negative connotation, but that shouldn't connote any negativity to the propounder of the syndrome. A bad disease named after a scientist (can't come up with any example) doesn't connote anything bad to the scientist

But I concede that physical presence of something bad may very well deface something good or neutral (something like prolonged comprehensive illusion by juxtaposition of opposite senses), which may be why Romans killed Cinna the poet, the namesake of the conspirator who killed Caeser. But it didn't came to my mind until Nayeem misunderstood the usage. Had I been aware of it, I would've come up with a replacement . But sorry anyway.

Now, if you really have got what I tried to cover by the term (... oops, that was close!)... whatitsname, and I think you did, then you should know that it covers 'petaai' too (Pre-disposed Tendency Towards Accepting Atheistic Ideas). So, we are spawning two 7-words phrases splitting a convenient single word cognomen. But I believe in right of minority
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