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Originally posted by Orpheus
oh bechara nayeem, the lone fighter of God. I admire that you are actually digging up stuff and learning things - I wouldve just given up But try not to pull out crap though. Anyways, I don't know why you have an idea that just because he is a doctor, he will know a lot about evolution. Doctors should be well informed about anatomy and metabolic pathaways.. not evolution

So I decided that I will join you. I say God exist!
If I am not wrong, doctors have to take lot of biology classes at undergrad level and at med school. Thus, it can be presumed that they should have quite a lot of knowledge on evolution. Afterall, "theory of evolution" is taught in basic biology classes too.

Also, the reason I posted his reply is not solely based on the fact that he is doctor. He has done much research about Islam and its relation to Science. Since our main argument is on that,I thought it would be useful to show his view.

Lastly, I am not arguing for the sake of arguing. I sincerly believe that God exists and I think it is my moral duty to help others to go in the right way. But I have my limitations in ILm(knowledge), thus I have to take reference from other scholars. But, if you think I am just arguing for the sake of proving my point, I might as well stop replying, because that is not my intention.

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