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Originally posted by mwrkhan

This statement leaves me dumbfounded, coming from a medical doctor. The brain can only perceive pain because it receives and processes nerve signals from other parts of the body. The specific _identification_ of the pain receptors in the skin which generate those signals may be a recent discovery, but obviously undamaged skin is sensitive to pain which we can feel ONLY BECAUSE the signals travel to the brain. If pain receptors are responsible for pain then can we feel it _independent_ of the brain? What the good doctor is saying, if true, is that pain receptors alone can cause us to experience pain. That is impossible since only the brain can process nerve signals. Badly burnt skin has damaged pain receptors and cause us to lose feeling, but the same is true of neurological damage - in other words you can have healthy skin with intact pain receptors but if specific parts of the brain are damaged you will feel no pain at all. The brain is central. - mwrkhan
I think you have misunderstood what Dr Zakir Naik said. He basically meant that the pain recoptors in the skin is responsible for the feeling of pain.(since the pain recoptors send the signal to the brain, which in turn cause the sensation of pain.) Only recently scientists found out that the skin have pain recoptors and not the muscle/tissue below it. Thus, if there is a deep burn, the patient don't feel pain as the skin containing the pain recoptors is gone.

This is remarkable in the sense that , 1400 years back it was impossible for someone to figure out that only skin has pain recoptors not the muscle or tissue underneath it. And Quran clearly mentions that "skin will be replaced, so that jahanamis will feel the pain continously" ,if the skin is not being replaced, the person won't feel the pain as the muscle/tissue underneath the skin does not have pain recoptors.

Dr Naik never said that the skin itself senses the pain without the aid of brain. A medical doctor won't make such absurd claims. I guess you didn't understand what he was pointing to.

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