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Originally Posted by bura
bravo! you really are a player development genious!
Thanks, some have got to develop these players. 4 of those 9 were bought at 17, the others were youth pulls. This is just Bangladesh players.
If only I can pull some decent youth players to develop further. I haven't had a decent youth pull that is U19 quality for 3 seasons now. Though Arafat Hossein may make it, was a week 0 pull ord/avg RM bowler and now is cap/cap 17yo.

Originally Posted by cameron
and also sell Derek Bowers.

I bought him a month membership a few weeks back to save him going bot. FTP-ash said he "thinks" he has 50 days after his membership expires before he goes bot. So hopefully, he can log on soon and sell some players.
I had bought him membership previously, and was thinking of an assistant role 3 seasons ago in my failed election campaign.

I'm pretty sure the 50 days is from his last log-in (only) and membership only extends this, and once it runs out he will go bot on the next Monday. That date is August 20 with membership ending August 15.
Abedin Ash is potentially the best AR coming through and Bulbul Rafique is a top-5 batsman. Bowers doesn't look too highly skilled?
Would have to look at bura's Rubel Hossain soon.
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