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Originally Posted by mufi_02
There is a reason why parents push their kids more into school and less into sports. Professional sportsman is just not a viable career option in our country yet, esp in Olympic sports. I don't think any athlete can support his/her family just by running tracks, swimming, gymnastics or shooting. Heck, even the athletic department or swimming association can't support themselves and their infrastructure is crumbling so let alone the players making a living out of this.

Only recently there has been some money in cricket. BCB contracts, DPL and BPL provides enough money and fame. So until and unless other sports becomes lucrative, we won't see any success in them. Government funding and Private sector investment is necessary.
fair enough

The reason why parents dont want it is because there is only a handful of bangladeshi sportsperson who earn just enough to live a proper lifestyle. The rest earn 30000 taka at max, so it doesnt make sense to quite studies which can almost gurantee a good future given you work hard. But in sports you can never tell.

The authorities need to improve everything, put more funding on sports like shooting, race, marathon. Then only will parents will be encouraged to let their children pursue an alternative career.

I dont blame parents at all
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