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It's ok to encourage kids to go to school, but not ok to discourage them to pursue sports. The two can go hand in hand. If the kid doesn't make it big in the play field, there's always the option of falling back to his/her education.

But to say that his/her pither chaal will be ripped apart at the slightest hint that he/she is interested in an extracurricular activity is pathetic. Metric porikkhary stand korar por polapain BTV te bhashon dey, "Ami bhor 5tar shomoy ghum theke uthtam, daaine takaitam na, baaye takaitam na, shoja boisha boisha pora mukhostho kortam...prottek din 18 ghonta portam". Arey mia metric er moto shoja shapta porikkhar jonno jodi 18 ghonta porte hoy taile to tomar mathay ghilu bole kisu ase mone hoy na.
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