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Originally Posted by bura
rubel hossain! really? I thought if anybody was close it should be Zahurul...

its gonna take a loooong time to pump Rubel's fielding to spect/outs...
Well we have a wealth of good batsmen while very little bowlers who have some kind of batting, especially seamers. Rubel is probably the best or 2nd best of a bad bunch of U25 seamers with reasonable batting, while there are only 2 spinners plus Ash's player.
Zahurul is in the top 4 U23 batsmen but there are numerous 24 and 25yo batsmen. Nadstar's 2 or even 3 could be better by then (~3-4 seasons). My 22yo has hit exceptional batting and is on his way to outstanding fielding before strength training begins.

I would work on his batting a bit rather take his fielding to that level! Accomplished is ok for that type of player (fast bowler plus some batting).

I won't be getting the membership, though I would be interested in buying Ash's 20yo Bangladesh batsman if it were to hit the TM.
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