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Originally Posted by goru
Can someone explain this to me? What do they mean by "process" here? Do they mean how fast the retina transmits information to the brain? If so, I am assuming that they don't mean "binary digits" when they say "bits" - because that would be a pathetically low throughput (10 bits per second ... even an old 14.4kbps modem is more than a thousand times faster). A bit of googling (not in-depth investigation in any way) tells me that some research finds that the transmission speed is roughly 10 million bits per second (i.e. roughly the theoretical max speed of 10BASE-T ethernet)... which is 1 million times greater than what's mentioned above. So what unit of information are they referring to when they mean "bits" ... ? If it's just the common english word "bit" meaning "a small piece", then... well, that's a bit (-_-) vague, isn't it?
Well, that information did interest me too and i looked it up. I found this research from Upenn. It confirms that human eyes are indeed slower than an Ethernet in transmitting information, but however its still 10 million bits/s.(MB/s). I am impressed by that.

The investigators calculate that the human retina can transmit data at roughly 10 million bits per second. By comparison, an Ethernet can transmit information between computers at speeds of 10 to 100 million bits per second.
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