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Originally Posted by maysun
Great to see the BC heavyweights in here.

Dilscoop, aren't you playing the game? IF not what is your position in the MLC?
Yes it is. ATMR, SNR, ZC, Ajfar, Moc! Phew, all the icons are here. Hopefully 8 others get here soon.

No, I'm not playing. Or else I will end up winning . I'm the CEO if you will. Lorgat if you will. Except I'm better than him and more successful. If you look at News Update 1, you will see MLC's 10 year plan has come into action this year and within couple months it has taken over the world. No more IPL, no more BCCI ruling the world, no more meaningless boring series after series. With the help America's rich daddies and NFL/MLB/NBA, MLC's become the main source of cricket, with windows for ICC events. Because we don't want our cricketers to be labeled as traitors.

Welcome to America! Where we do **** the right way.
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