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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Might be good for us in the long term, despite a thread I created praising possible BPL benefits. Harsha Bhogle recently wrote an article showing that the IPL has hurt Indian cricket and will continue to hurt it by rewarding T20 over longer versions. BPL failing could be a blessing in disguise for our cricket, putting our focus where it really belongs. If the BPL somehow survives, hopefully my other thread will ring true to yield a win-win situation.
But plz bro dont compare IPL with BPL

1) IPL lasts 2 months! BPL 3 weeks
2) Too much time spent on travelling in IPL...Not much time spent on travelling in BPL, even if new stadiums are introduced the travelling distances are short.
3) India already has other domestic T20 tournaments. And as for us, we dont really have any regular T20 tournament so BPL is a must.
4) The Indian locals get proper coaching and facilites while for bangladeshi locals BPL is the only place where the locals get a good exposure to top quality coaching....If you see that in the beginning of BPL there were far too many drop catches, in the latter part fielding wasnt even a problem.
5) IPL feeds too much money to the players. BPL pays a handsome amount but not too much to make the players fancy playing in BPL over their country.
6) Bangladeshi fans are deprived from enough cricket unless living in Dhaka. BPL will help people in other regions, including CTG and Khulna get a lot more matches.

So if BPL is over, then it will be a big blow for us! We saw positive results from BPL. Whilst IPL had negative effects. So the results itself should say whats necessary
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