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Originally Posted by Sohel

Please note that players shouldn't be signed without disclosing key details to the MLC (CEO & 16 GMs). They must:

1. Post an itemized payroll budget. The amount must be reasonably tied to the actual net worth of the owner (available in Google).

2. Itemized salary details of the signed player.

3. Duration of the contract which can help us determine when he become an RFA so that we can make an offer.

4. Whether or not there a "no trade clause" in the contract. That way we'll know whether or not we can make an offer to the GM within the trade deadline.
Originally Posted by Dilscoop

It's a FANTASY league. No one would want to go through all that complications.

Changing it to signing instead of drafting just completely changes the whole thing! Signing players was never part my plans for season one.

Lets just play as planned right now. And we see if people want all that next season (if we play season 2). We can't introduce new ideas or change plans in the middle like this. I will intro it early in the season next time.

Originally Posted by Sohel
As I've posted already, I won't spend time on a typical Fantasy League full of holes and therefore without credibility.

You will have my resignation within 30 minutes.
I'm not going to force you to play, because all of a sudden you don't what I'm doing. You are always welcome to stay or leave, it's a free-nation/forum.

If guys like Sohel's plans want to do, fine by me. League becomes more realistic that way, and I have nothing against that. But I'm not going to force it upon you.

Or else we just go back to drafting players.
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