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Originally Posted by Sohel
Edited in more comments in my post.

You're the Founder & CEO and you must decide this. I give you 30 minutes before my possible resignation. MLC is the ONLY FL I signed up for here because it is American, and I expected it to follow American norms and intricacies. Anything else isn't worth my interest or time.

If it comes to that, then I'll post my resignation here and in the MLC Board of Directors Thread I've just created.
You do realize this is fantasy and we can go so far to make it as realistic as possible. We can't do all the things that we do in the other American leagues.

Lets say I do decide to drop all that on them just like that and then they decide not to do them and lose interest. Then what we do? We need more than 1 player to play. And how would we know how much Gayle'd agree for to play for the MLC teams?

Just simple process of picking up coaches got people all confused.
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