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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
I see many websites having 'Google search tool' at the top of the sites and there are 2 options : 'Search this website', and 'Search the web (or something like that)' !

Since BC search tool is not that strong, is it possible to have 'Google Search Tool' placed somewhere in BC ? I know many members including me don't bother to use 'BC Search tool' rather use 'Google'. So, having google tool in BC would save our time and foster the searching process for any thread/post.

Any thoughts ?
Originally Posted by Zunaid
Yes. I am working on it. Right now, the Google search is in the front page. I'm moving it into the common banner area so that it's accessible from ALL pages.
Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
Thanks. Sorry did not notice that was on Home page. I always open 'forum' page, that's why i missed it.
Added search to the main menu. See top right. Removed the FP search box.
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