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I think performing/not performing - won't get us anywhere - not against England this year. Because each of us know that drawing a test match is the best that we can achieve from this England tour - (obviously, we can't win, unless England play realy badly in one of the games) and in the process, if we can get a fast bowler (not medium fast or fast medium like Tapash or Mashrafee) to trouble the top order English batsman, then it is worth it.

Just see this Malinga guy for Sri Lanka, or Monde Zondeki for South Africa against Zimbabwe. They were FAST and it was a treat to watch them! Ofcourse, they are probably both accurate, may be more accurate than Rajib (I wouldn't know, just guessing as I haven't seen Rajib's bowling until now) - either way, I won't be expecting us to win against England, but it'll be fun to watch a fast bowler of ours hitting the helmet of Trescothick or Vaughn.
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