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Default i have problem with all the match threads

dear admistrators can we please standaedize some key portions of the match threads...

vital info that each match thread should have

1. accurate date and time. (possibly mentioning diff standard time)
2. a link to a live scoreboard, which will end up being a scoreboard atleast at the end of the game
3. other vital info such such current standings..... what is the goal... like for current u19 game what we need to qualify./ current standing.. if its a series... who is ahead ie 3 to 0 bd against aus.
4. optional: any milestones for any player, or debut ec etc...

then the fun part of the other thread.

before i used spend a lot of time in the forum/cricinfo so i already knew everything but as days goes by i realized i want pertinent info...the most imp thing like a scoreboard is not therr.......

i suspect majoriy of ppl looking for those vital infos.....why do i have to digg through nonsense to get what i want??
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