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Originally Posted by Sohel
The USADA isn't a corrupt Bangladeshi agency shamelessly susceptible to political influence, protection and subsequent indemnity. It wouldn't have taken such a drastic step unless it was certain beyond a reasonable doubt that Lance cheated. I'm certain as I can be without actually looking at what they have, that the Agency has more than enough hard evidence to back up its claim in case of a major legal challenge in the future.

I know Lance personally and he has always seemed to be a stand up guy who cares about a great many right things. This is indeed shocking and depressing. Just goes to show the inherent frailties of surface level perception based on what we think we're looking at.
Oi bold and underline part ta bhul. Personal vendata can make people do things that a sane person wouldn't do. Each every ten of witness USADA have positive drug tests and got a reduced sentence if they co-operated. Sure they will go against Lance. Anyone would do if USADA comes knocking at their door with a DEAL.
Examples: USC sanctions from NCAA (ex-Miami AD - dead now), current Board of Trusties (including Governor and his possies) of Penn State against Joe Pa.

By the way, USADA can't strip any TDF titles from Lance. It is still his as off now. USADA have no jurisdiction over those title nor do they award them. Only the TDF and ICA can do that. There are internal contacts between them and Lance. He has been assured International Governing body will not follow through with out hard evidence. Lance has passed every single drug test that was given which amounts to over 500 times. Not a single fail. Thus he is not fighting it.
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