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Anam certainly proved by now that he is way ahead of average U19 level, par or even better in potential in A team or Academy lot. Knowing the crap and bit these team heardly ever developed any player in out cricket history, Anam surely need much more challenge and quality work that these team can provide. In that sense I think Anam should be placed in national team, playing in eleven or not, let him tour with national team, hang around, practice with big boys and coaches. Physically he is still teen aged and his mind could so time again, which is a concern alright, but with his hungriness and ambition for doing better as he showed so far, being in national team wont do much harm than good compare to A team or Academy. If we drag him to national team, then it must has to be for a long term, no way for a series or like, rather at least for 1 or 2 years long.
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