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Originally Posted by Equinox
I didn't dispute the fact that he failed in the last 2 matches. I just challenged the claim that he deserves to be dropped over two low scores given that he got a match-winning 50 just the game before and also pointed out the difference in reactions when there are different players involved. It was certainly not a player v player thing. Even though you may think he failed, in relative terms he has done better than most of the other NN foreign recruits (see Birt, Shehzad). Heck, even Mathews who has constantly promoted himself over Mushy has a lower Avg. and SR in the tournament and no 50s to his name.

Also it really bothers me when posters such as yourself and a couple of others lurk around desperately waiting for opportunities to pounce on certain players when they fail (but are nowhere to be seen when they score runs) because of petty issues you have with them ie. how they look, how they style their hair.
Don't bullcrap me. I could careless about this SLPL. I'm waiting for the World Cup. I didn't care when Rahim played that "match-winning fifty" or Tamim's near 100, nor did I ask Rahim to be dropped. I hardly posted anything about this league in the forum. My post was against excuses that were being made by a fan, not against Rahim's 2-match failures. I just wanted them to fully accept what happened and move on. Making excuses for players doesn't help anyone.
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