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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
Chose the correct ans:

1. dosh amader..aktu slow khelle galagali sure hoye voye player ra shot khelle out hoy

2. Dosh amader playerder, Chandarpaul er moto slow khele amader khub kom player der e ability ase 120+ SR rekhe innings ses korar
I agree with your 1st option.. Our culture is such that players always tries to be dashing as they gets more applauds if they plays shot after shot.. Forget about the thousands of cricket illiterate people at the stadium.. Just look at the comments in BC. We as a nation is sooo impatient .. no wonder our batsmen are the same!!

2nd option er shathe partially ekmot.. haa Chanderpaul er moto player nai but not in terms of ability but our player has problem in their mindset... Tamim-Shakib-Mushy all are capable of pacing an innings and then go for the hit at the end.. But don't know what goes through their mind they will suddenly play some ugly shots to get out...May be they just tries to be the hero everyday
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