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Originally Posted by Sohel
Way too many Classicos and Mini-Classicos nowadays. Anyway it is interesting to see more and more Bangladeshis living vicariously through teams from La Liga. It used to be pretty much all EPL not so long ago.
I have seen mostly young Arsenal & Chelsea fans showing their allegiance to Barca/Madrid (not jumping ship but just supporting 2 clubs perhaps).

it makes more sense to support Barca/Madrid than the likes of ManCity, since manCity is their direct competitor. And La-ligas recent marketing success and Spain's recent WC/Euro triumph has only positives to add to it.

p.s: Reminds of an analogy I read somewhere online regarding ManCity. Supporting ManCity is like liking Justin Bieber, you can love them all you want... but just not out in public... (quite true for anywhere outside Manchester)..
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