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Originally Posted by simon
u guys heard of the Jamaican ?
I am sorry but beating up bowlers in domestic tournaments cant be compared to bullying top international bowlers in places like England like Amla is doing. Amla's record is FAR better than gayle in premier form of the game as well as odi's. Amla averages almost 60 in odi's and SR is far higher than gayle and also gayle's average only 39. In tests also no comparison between the two, Amla is far better specially in last 2 years. Kohli's odi record is also FAR superior to gayle in odi's even though he is poor in tests. Gayle is massively overrated because of his bullying in IPL, he is nowhere close to being top 10 batsmen in odi's and top 15 in tests. He is a very good batsman but not in the class of Amla, Kallis, AB.
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