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Originally Posted by Gowza
Kane Williamson has a chance to tell the world he can be a star, I know they're relying heavily on him for the future so I hope he comes through.
Yeah maybe if the freakin umpires weren't so retarted... I give up, i mean for a team that is already struggling, to be given 2 rubbish decisions at the start of a test match is just depressing... I would say thats at the very minimum, 8-10 bad decisions for the nzers out of 22 wickets lost in this series!!
edit- Why do i have to support the two teams who get rough decisions on a consistent basis :/ ok rant over.
edit 2- Now i go back to being angry at the nz batsmen, guptill does a tamim... was playing beautifully but then decides to try be over agressive..
edit 3- Taylor thinking hes playing for Bangalore in ipl 2010? alls good until he does a Tamim?

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