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Originally Posted by iDumb
man this guy just doesnt stop. take a break buddy.... chill...dont be so uptight and post some tight pics ok?

its a lot of work putting pics of ppl....u should apprecuate if someon post >1

so just chill ok?
I posted a very tight pic at the beginning. Tighter than a gordion knot.

But face it, the rules helped. Without restrictions this would be the scenario: First 5 guys posting a 100 pics, and boom! The end of the thread. Anyone new coming in would deem it obsolete to mention someone already mentioned before.

Instead now, we have a better thread with more participation from all users. That is all I'm saying buddy.

Keep it 100,

The day con man extraordinaire Mushfiqur is dropped from the team, that is the day I will know we are not pussyfooting around anymore.
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