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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
Lotus Cons :-
-Meddling with Selections. Rokibul and Tamim...
-Political apointee, almost ruined the WC opening with too many ajaira Speeches..
-Organising BPL in a hurry and than taking too long to make player payments.
-Not recognising FICA and endlessly arguing even when it was the fault of BCB
-Too much love for Pakistan and so was almost about to put players in harms way
- Disruption in dhaka premier league
- No foreign coach for U-19
- No pace bowling academy

Will not put Shakib incident here since it is an urban myth put together by our incompetent news reporters..

- Organised BPL in the shortest time and the tournament was a success despite some payment concerns. The true test will be to get good players for the next edition
- Organised WC which was mostly deemed a success
- Got better sponsors and more money
- Organised Euro tour to ensure players get adequate prep for T 20
- Got FC players under a payment scheme so that players can persue a career in Cricket.
- Got NCL under franchise system which will only ensure more cash flow
- Got Richard McInnes to run the academy
- More frequent A Team schedules.

Overall, He is no Saber Hossain but we have always had much worse than him.
Agreed! I would say he is the best one so far other than our Saber Hussain Chowdhury. The reason was simple. He was involved as an organizer in the past as it was mentioned in the newspaper when he was appointed in the first place. I do see positive from him since Akram Khan threatened to quit during the last Asia Cup. I am not sure whether it was to present himself as a vital candidate for the ICC presidency or ICC might have informed that BD might receive less opportunity to play longer version unless our domestic structure is strong or it could be the success of BPL (his daughters are the owner of two franchises) or the success of Asia Cup. Whatever it could be, we, as a fan, will be behind him as long as our cricket sees the upward trend!
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