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Originally Posted by iDumb
bhai, eishob advice poira luv nai...question koirao luv nai. ami ei ramadan month e frequently masjid visit korchi maghrib aar iftar er jonno. There used to be 15 mins talk everyday prior to iftar. Maan kichu kichu lecture shune ami khubi disappointed hoichilam.. matha gorom korar moto....but chup kore, namaz pore, Allahr kache personal doiya kore, iftar kore.. bashai ferot aschi...

miccrophone niya ajaira kotha bollei eita right na...
Apne to Tao 15 minutes er lecture paisen, amader Masjid e pura Ramadan e donation cheye kataise. Our Imam even said something like this "you donate $1,000 to the Masjid and you'll receive a certificate from us and that certificate will be your certificate to enter into Jannat". To them Islam is all about donation.

Thik bolsen microphone niye ajaira kotha bolte shunle koshto laage
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