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Rifat - not directed at you but the post you made about the preference for marrying a virgin is one of the most face-palm inducing misogynist and sexist piece of utter tripe I have seen in a while. That is purely the product of male chauvinism and their desire to own and keep for himself a woman who has not been 'defiled' by other men (Do note the word is in quotes). What of the woman's preference for a pure man who is not a widower, not withstanding whatever hand induced self-defilement? And even if one were to subscribe to the notion of men being the keeper and protector of the weaker sex,would it not be more moral for a man to marry a widow and save her from the thralls of penury? It is a shame when ancient and execrable cultural practices that promote the thralldom of men over women are false wrapped in the cloak of religion and propagated to sustain the self-serving century old subjugation. Can you tell I am pissed?
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