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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Cream & Fudge Dhanmondi

I ran up a tk.5260 bill...they decided to charge me tk.790 for it. 14 scoops of ice cream + drinks + VAT...I know things can go wrong sometimes, but did the idiot waiter not bother to look at the bill?

I pointed out the mistake(gotta set a good example for the kids ) - manager 'rewarded' us with 5 loyalty cards. I left the waiter no tip.

*I say rewarded, those discount cards are gonna end up costing everyone a fortune.
very classy of you... a waiter who made a mistake of billing u at a lower amount....u decided to be the moral piece of meat that u are.. corrected him and decided to punish him by not tiping because of math error in your favor and not service error.

way to go....spreading good morals...

sad part is you come here and tell us this story as if you did something extraordinary.... when i read it it sounded borderline pathetic to me.
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