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LOL @ Dhoni blaming the pitch. You lost by ONE run, it wasn't the pitch. Way to take the responsibility for your failures.

48 from 40, RR: 9.15, RRR: 7.00 -- when he walked in. Even if the pitch was dug up and changed completely, you gotta get those runs with SEVEN wickets in hand, specially with Indian line up, in home condition.

I'm not jumping on India for losing. I'm not one of those people who looks for every chance they get to bash the other teams. I am just highly disappointed @ Dhoni's comments.

Originally Posted by Ajfar
Genius, did you even read what I wrote?? Where did I say which teams thinks that they are capable of beating us? I said some India/Pak fans think BD supporters have no right to judge India/Pak players because our players are not good.

Read what people write first, try to understand what people are talking about before making completely random post.
He just topped Dhnoi's comments...
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