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ATMR Does it best. From an earlier post/thread.

Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Aaj BK bhai amader majhe thakle bolten:

Dear bhais and apas, fans of Tamim Iqbal, Javed Omar Golla, Bangladesh cricket and Bangladesh, let's not promote/encourage hatred at a time when the world cup is less than a month away! Tamim Iqbal and Javed Golla are both Bangladeshi cricketers, Bangladeshis and very good and nice men, boyfriend/husband and sons of great men and women with extraordinary cricketing genes! I'm sure both of them want what is best for Bangladesh cricket, so let's not discriminate against anyone because of their height and/or mejban khawa bhurir chorbi!

Bhais and apas, let's hold hands and make a circle as big as the circumference of the SBNS and sing the national anthem with the Bangladeshi flag wrapped around our hearts! Ashun bhais and apas, apas and bhais and everyone else who falls in the middle, ashun amra shobai ghapti mere ghorer konay boshe na theke beriye eshe group hug kori!

Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu, Joy Ziaur Rahman, Joy Sheikh Hasina madam, Joy Khaleda apa, Joy Ershad! Babooshka Danilkaaa! Beef kabo!

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