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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
OK, the part in bold just pissed me right off. You want to argue with the points he made, fine, but don't take things out of context. Just because he is Bangladeshi doesn't mean he has to worship every Indian player that's out there. Show me where in his post he dissed Indian players in general or claimed that Bangladeshi batsmen are superior. Please, show me, because you seem to see something that I don't.

Maybe you should do your research before you jerk your knee? Go look at the name of the guy who opened this thread. Show me where in that thread the same guy hasn't praised Kohli profusely to the point where it seems he'd marry him if he had the chance. Please show me, because you seem to see something that I don't.

It's so easy to just jump on somebody and so hard to challenge their argument without making it personal, isn't it? Not allowed to criticize players of a certain background just because someone is from a certain place that doesn't produce great cricketers? What kind of racist crap is that? Are you going to remind a cricket fan from Mongolia about the virtually non-existent state of his country's cricket the minute he posts something negative about a Test player?

Keep things in context.
Ok. When Sohel makes a sweeping statement on a player all of 5 tests old, that he will not succeed.....that is dissing.....or maybe you still dont see it. Pujara is good...will he be great? I dont know. But I for one will not say that I cannot see him succeeding.

Second point - what else do you do but praise Kohli? He is having a fantastic second season is it not? But then if you go by his entry in to cricket....he wasn't all that hot....just showing that he is learning fast. Thats why Sohel's point on Pujara was not correct. We still have to wait and watch.

Point 3.....sweeping statements that convey nothing cuts both ways.....when I dissed Bangladeshi players....all you guys made a mountain out of a moelhill too? Didnt you not feel aggrieved? And I had not highlighted that statement. I just made it like Sohel...who said that he dosen't see Pujara succeed against Australia, Englad and South Africa.

Point guys talk of research.....what resesarch on a man only 5 tests old? I have been following his batting for about 7-8 years now....he has the technique and patience for Test cricket. He also has the shots and balance and on a bouncy track with windy conditions he did allright. Only time will tell. Right now research on only 8 innings is neither here nor there.
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