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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I acknowledge and condemn the atrocities that are done against non-Muslim population in BD. My point was that comparing to what happens in PAK/AFG and other big Muslim countries, the incident in BD are very minimal. In a population of 140+ million Muslims, few isolated incidents will happen. Even in USA, within the last 3 months, 5 mosques were vandalized. Now did you hear about that? On other side of border, they torched a Mosque and persecuted Muslims in Assam. There are fringe groups everywhere but generally as a popuation, we Bengali Muslims are tolerant and moderate.

Please note that in no way or capacity I am supporting any of these acts.
Mufi when people start comparing in terms of magnitude, inevitably we ignore the problem. Killing ONE Soul is wrong. Doesnt matter if 1000 happens in Pak/Afg/Assam, and 5 in Bangladesh. Comparing and seeking moral ground based on numbers only adds to the problem. There is no defense, it is a problem, and it is wrong.
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