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Originally Posted by Rubu
I can tell you one thing, The Quran or Hadith has nothing to do with it.

A lot of it comes from illiteracy. Illiterate people are easy to manipulate. Of course the question comes who manipulates them and why. And trying to explain that is so complex, I can't even start on it (as much of it as I know).

It also comes from dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction of have-not about haves. Dissatisfaction about decades long injustices, and many other things.

And then, getting trolled for various reasons by various entities (the recent example).

In short, its a problem. But a problem that does not have any easy answer but the solutions are relatively easy. Education and from education the huge knowledge of "don't feed the trolls".
Rubu bhai,

As OP pointed out, illiteracy and economic conditions cannot be the prime cause.

And difference of opinions =/= trolling/instigating.
"Eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God's infinite love." - Bill Hicks
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