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Originally Posted by ammark
Yeah, whatever. That was more than 1000 years ago, and more than 700 years ago respectively. Muslims love living in the past, and turning a blind eye to the 'Jahiliyya' of the present. Man up!
Alhamduillah, I would encourage you to visit Iraq or Palestine to visit the many family's that has lost children that are less than 6 months, 6 years, 6 days old. I can swear on the name of Allah that those innocent children or human that are being killed becuase they are muslim's as Allah Say's they are killed because they have belief in me. I don't see people refering to those murderers of innocent children's as Jewish or Christians?, why is it when a muslim does something, we jump on like locust?, I can assure you that if Leaders like Abu Bakr, Osman, Ali, Omar was alive in this generation, I can not imagine many muslim's blood being poured on this land. Our muslims leader's are relaxing and making money, while we people without much research or study make some point while relaxing our butt at home. Inshallah we shall wait for The leader Al Mehdi and real muslims never kill unless it attacks allah or the belief.
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