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Originally Posted by ammark
Tell that to the Muslims who were following Mu'awiyah or to the Persian under Umar RA whose lands Arab tribes conquered. Aysha (RA) is "allegedly" one of those who most pointed to Ali (RA) as a reason for Umar (RA)'s death. Who were the killers of Hasan (RA) and Husayn (RA)? Its Muslims who did all that, Muslims in one form or another. And this sectarianism and violence for vendettas and politics continues today in the Muslim lands. This isnt about Deen, it is very much about politics.
please give a valid source, don't say x and y said that it was mu'awiyah or ask the persian.... give a valid source even if it means that its from the shia source which I guess u refer to that say's ayesha told ali.... thank you. our beloved shia sector say many thing's with the open mouth, when you ask them about source's, that is where the weakness arises. I don't know what sector u follow, if you don't follow any great. But you should first know who invited imam hussain. I do not like to go into this shia/sunni conflict issue, my point is simple question against, as a muslim what do you say to the innocent muslims that have been killed in burma, becuase they are muslims and got murdered becuase they belief in oneness of allah?
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