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Originally Posted by iDumb
right i been hearing this sort of things about apple since the peak of original ipod popularity. They are already saturated, nothing will happen... there is no more growth, they cant sell anymore yet time after time, they came up with newer and newer gadgets and have been beating all estimates...

ppl used to make fun of ipad, how it is less useless than a rock yet tab has become the new way of browsing/"computing". Apple taking close to 70% market share of that.

No matter what you say, apple knows what they are doing...... I have immense respect for this company's innovation. There is a HUGE apple fanbase, they will not "convert" to S3 or android. Only hurdle they might have are the untapped market (ppl still waiting to convert to smart phone), those ppl may be won over by S3/android etc.
Agree with all of that but I was still disappointed with the incremental upgrades in Apple's latest product. iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 they have all been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. I expected Apple to change things with a newer, fancier design. I was also hoping for Apple to make a product that would leap frog competition yet again as it did with the first iPad and iPhone. The company is still feeding off the revolutionary products that were created under Steve Jobs.
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