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Originally Posted by Gowza
just for the record i'm not saying there isn't talent, but talent needs to translate into consistent performance, something that is lacking in WI domestic cricket and we are yet to see it at the international level in the last few years (besides the regulars e.g. gayle, chanderpaul, roach etc, although russell is newer and doing great). i've known about carlos brathwaite for awhile and thought he was a really good prospect and heard about cotterrell to. jason holder is also a good prospect. as far as spinners go WI has lots of them atm, and they have good stats but they've got to back them up.
Again i can't agree, Darren Bravo averages in the 40s at international level, Narine has been a sensation, Rampaul has done well over the past few years and Samuels is coming into his own now, even Deonarine has knuckled down and is looking good, so we're not just relying on the old regulars anymore like you suggested, we've got some serious talent coming through now and it's just a matter of nuturing them the right way, tours like this will only help in that department imo,

in regards to knocking sammy out of the national team, if andre russell can't do it i don't think anyone can, that guy is as talented as anyone and has been performing.
The problem with Russell is his bowling has gone backwards since he broke through in 2010, it's ok for the limited overs but in test cricket i don't think it's good enough, Brathwaite on the other hand is quicker than BOTH Sammy and Russell, and i firmly believe he has the potential to take wickets at the heighest level, he's also very good with the bat aswell which is the only thing thats keeping Sammy in the side because the coaches want someone to add runs down tail,

the problem is in the past the WI team has been incredible, if you were to make an all time team for each test country the WI team would be a strong contender for being the best team. when you have such amazing fast bowling greats and you see whats happened to WI fast bowlers over the last 10 years it's hard to see them getting back to that level atm and when it comes to batting WI has had some giants in walcott, weekes, headley, worrell, lara, chanderpaul, hunte, viv and then you see how recent yonger batting talents have developed.
To be fair our 1980s team could be considered to be the greatest test team to have played the game, so the current players are always gonna come up short when compared to them, we've been to the bottom of the gutter over the past ten years thats for sure but right now we see hope in the new youngsters coming through, Darren Bravo, Narine and Powell amoungst others all look very good right now,

anyway, to look at WI bench strength just see the team that BD beat in their test series win. like i said, not saying talent isn't there but it has to translate into consistent performance.

but by the sounds of it things are improving and on the up so that's great to here and we are eager to see how this series goes. good luck to both teams.
In all fairness that 2009 series isn't relevent NOW, we've moved on since then and to be honest that wasn't even the second best team we could have put on the field, looking at it it was just a mish mash of third rate players and a few talented youngsters, that wouldn't happen now though and our A-team is proof that we've got some damn good reserve to call upon now.

But yeah i'll say it again good luck to both teams, i've always admired the passion of the bang fans and the fact that they turn up to support their team game after game despite results not always going their way!! .

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