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Originally Posted by Gowza
darren bravo, narine, samuels and deo are all in the national team so they aren't bench strength, they've broken through into the main team already. also samuels is 30+, deo is 29, ravi is about to turn 28 so they're in the middle of they're careers, they should be performing, they've been around the team awhile, although when you look at their stats they're doing ok but if that's the best after chanderpaul and gayle are gone it will be tough.
Well in THIS test vs India last year we had no Chanders or Gayle and still managed to put up 590 and draw the game, SIX of those players (Brathwaite, Barath, Edwards, Fidel, Bishoo and Baugh) would be considered "bench" players right now as they didn't even play against NZ, so i'd say our reserves are much better than people think, plus only Brathwaite and Bishoo from that bunch played for the A-team that beat India aswell.

again, i'm not saying there isn't talent but they need to develop and perform consistently, better than they have been (ravi a 35 average in tests s/r of 72, deo averaging 29 with the bat in tests, 31 in one-dayers - they're ok but not quite up to the mark). in saying that you can say the same for the youngsters and even the older ones (late 20s/early30s) in a lot of the teams atm aren't up to standard. zim, BD, WI, NZ, SL, aus, india's pacers. the whole of cricket atm is going through a transition phase. pretty much every team except for SA and england are in that phase and clearly the incoming players still haven't hit their strides yet.
Yeah i agree many teams are in transition, but we're far from being the worst imo, infact i think we've had a headstart of many teams as our youngsters have been forced to develop in tough environments, Brathwaite for example was just 18 years old in that India series i posted above and he got 50s against the likes of Ashwin and Ojha coming at him on spinning tracks and fielders all around the bat.
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