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Originally Posted by Gowza
yes there is definitely talent there but let's look at their consistency. barath averages 23 in tests, brathwaite 21, edwards 39, bravo 44, powell 25. so a couple of them have done really well, the others are not players that could be relied upon, certainly they've had good performances but they haven't managed it consistently enough to be relied upon. certainly there is talent, but also certainly those averages and that consistency will have to be improved upon.
Yeah i totally agree, the key thing is their ages though!!..

Brathwaite= 19
Barath= 22
Bravo= 23
Powell= 22 (he just got his test first ton)
Edwards= 27

So bar Edwards many of them have the potential to vastly improve and play for another ten years or more, thats why i'm hopeful that our future is bright, same thing goes with the bowlers like Roach, Gabriel, Holder, Narine etc, their all 24 or below.
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