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Originally Posted by Roni_uk
Still pending. 40 teams in total. Can we not syndicate so that if any of us win $10,00000000 (zeros ki beshi diye phellam?), we split if 40 ways?

Question re team transfer - if during the first round, one of my players get some points but I decide to change him, what would happen to those points?
It stays with you. The key is selecting Captain before each game. You earn double points, but you don't lose transfers if you choose a different captain within your team. - This message is to ATMR and others. Why are you waving white flag already?

For example: for the first game: you shouldn't choose anyone captain who is not playing for SL or Afgans. Second game Aus or Ireland. Hope I have delivered the message.
By the way, if I win anything it is going to a charity the entire amount. No one will get any share.
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