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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Kabir Bragging about salary.
actually i think those immigration officers would have been right back in the days when dollars had value. Canada is expensive now if you take USD and go there... just few years ago conversion rate was 2 Canadian dollars for every usd. Now canada surpassed usd in valuation. that 35 k usd would be decent amount i suppose a decade ago, but not now.

If we compare the salary trend over past 10 years in canada and us, increase in american wage would not correlate with inflation/devaluatoin of dollars ... while CAD valuation stable.

this actually puts canadians with a decent job at a sweet spot to visit US. I am guessing their wage is much higher than us and with current value cad being higher than usd their purchasing power in US is massive...

Ppl would come to us from canada to buy stuff now, not to get jobs - it would be the other way, going to canada for jobs from usd. In that sense, it is us' interest to let through as much canadians as possible. What better way to have all these ppl shop in NYC - the mecca of shopping centers...
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