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Originally Posted by iDumb
I went to a shopping place in canada, never heard of them, picked up a pair of shoe, they said it cost 700 cad. I was kinda taken a back, I didn't belong in that store....

store looked similar to stores in nyc that sells 20 dollars shoes... no upscale feel to it.. So my conclusion was that regular canadians buy this type of shoes...:p.. store was so welcoming... i dont' really look like the kinda that have more than 20 bucks in my pocket. Good thing they didn't call the cops... thinking i went there to rob them..
Prices aren't so pretty up here like the US, that is why Canadians, regardless of the recession and rising CAD, always go to Buffalo to get great deals or buy things that are around 10-25% cheaper. Though I wonder which store you actually went that sold shoes for $700
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