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Originally Posted by Ajfar
^ No the truth doesn't hurt, what it does is hurts your argument. So according to you BD fans have no right to 'judge' your Indian batsmans simply because of the fact that we are BD fans? Read I used the word judge not diss. Maybe you should put away your bias and read his post for what it is, which is simply a cricket fan's opinion on a cricket player. His opinion on Pujara is in no way related to where he is from or which team he support.

All he said was Pujara looked uncomfortable against certain kind of bowling? How in the world did you get diss from that?

Pujara's ability as a batsman is in no way related the the quality of Batsmans BD has. If you think his judgement is wrong on Pujara than argue with him regarding Pujara's ability as a btsman. You brining in the fact that BD batsman's suck makes your argument weak. You are so desperate to get back at him for 'dissing' your batsman, you have to take a cheap shot.

Nopes Mate....merely distributing the dissing your brothers were trying to defend dissing Pujara as something that only I could see and not them.....Merry Chrostmas...Cinstable.....
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