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Originally Posted by shivfan
I actually agree with Gowza that the bench strength is something that's yet to be properly tested...I hope the guys do well, but I'm worried about them. I think the FC stats say it all:

Charles - 17 FC matches, ave 19.32 (bat)

Griffith - three FC matches, ave 9.20 (bat)

Barclay - four FC matches, ave 29.33 (bat)

Fletcher - 44 FC matches, ave 30.93 (bat)

Lesporis - 21 FC matches, ave 24.48 (bat)

Blackwood - one FC match, ave 12 (bat)

Hope - 10 FC matches, ave 22.31 (bat)

Hamilton - 16 FC matches, ave 21.96 (bat)

Ottley - six FC matches, ave 14.90 (bat)

Warrican - three FC matches, averages 16 with both bat and ball

Carlos - 13 FC matches, ave 27.31 (bat) ave 21.69 (bowl)

Cariah - five FC matches, ave 26.23 (bowl)

Cotterell - 10 FC matches, ave 30.38 (bowl)

Cummings - one FC match, no impact

Dawes - 14 FC matches, ave 35 (bowl)

Grant - no FC matches

A couple of things strike you about this squad....

1) Aside from Fletcher, everyone else in the side has played less than 22 FC matches. That means their short of experience, and playing in Bangladesh might be quite a challenge for them.

2) Aside from Fletcher, the batsmen average under 30 in their limited FC careers to date.

I don't think we're looking at any future Brian Laras in this squad, but hopefully a few of the batsmen will develop some consistency which will allow them to cement a place in their regional teams. Maybe Cariah will improve as a spinner, but my main hopes for this tour are to see some progress with some potentially good pacers - Carlos Brathwaite, Jason Dawes, Sheldon Cotterrell, and maybe Miguel Cummings.

But that has been the problem with West Indies cricket in recent times...we can produce a few good bowlers, but the batting cupboard is very bare indeed.
Well Fletcher got a ton, Lesporis 97 and now Hope is on 140 not out, so i guess the batting isn't as bad as you think!! , also i don't agree that just because a player isn't averaging 40 in Fc cricket right now that they can't go on to progress at the top level, these are YOUNGSTERS we're talking about, not players in their 30s, many of them just need to develop their skills a little more, nothing major,

Also we have several youngsters like Barath, Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Powell etc playing at the top level, with Carter, Leon Johnson and Bonner in the A-team to come, and the majority average over 30 at Fc level, so needless to say i disagree that the cupboard is "bare".

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