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Out of this World bhai got an early lead. Good thing none of you guys had Medis as your captain, otherwise you could have easily been over 1000 points.

Key is to get an early lead. People tend to become really stingy with their Transfers thinking oh there's only 24 so I don't want to use up too many, but what you don't realize the people at the top of the table have few hundred points advantage ahead of you so you have to take risks early on in the tournament otherwise you end up playing catch up the rest of the tournament.

Be sure to look ahead so you know what's coming for the next games. For example, if you have any Zim player in your team you are better off carrying those players through because they will play again in 2 days, it's not worth wasting your transfer to get rid of them since they play so soon. I saw people had Pak and WI players in their team, those 2 teams don't play for a while. These players are just taking up space in your team and not getting you any points.

Don't forget 24 transfers are not for the whole tournament, just for the group stage. After that you get unlimited transfers before 2nd round starts.
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