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Originally Posted by mufi_02

Here was my response. Still waiting to hear back from him

@Ponty100mph how does lack of specialised coaching affects media rights?That's as far fetched as blaming Shakib's crew cut for the IRE loss
@Ponty100mph that's absurd! How does lack "of"(not "in") investment in specialised coaching got to do with that? Pls explain the logic!

@maysunaneek If BD ranked high, media rights worth more and v. popular. High rankings come from developing talent/results = coaching

@maysunaneek Not hard to understand. Better teams are worth more as people want to watch them

@Ponty100mph yes, I get the relation. Well the A team & the National Academy have hired. Are you taking a jibe at the BCB for pace academy?

Waiting for his response.
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