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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
Whatever you say still don't justify our misery and their progress.

And what do you mean by 'World Class' ? Ain't we a Test playing country ? Ain't we playing 26 years of ODI cricket and 12 years of Test Cricket ? If i don't expect our team to be a world class team by now, then when ? We still get labelled as 'Minnow' along with other non test playing nations. Tired of listening 'giant killer', 'work in progress', 'bright future', 'team of talents' terms !!
lol yeah, I can understand your frustration. but to be fair, we only play 2 tests a year...if that even. But it's a bit too gratifying saying that afganistan are progressing faster and all that..i mean division 5...lets see how they go in the top tier. same with ireland..and there are other things like it took nzl 26 yrs to win their first test...compared to that we're doing grreat lol

but anyway, try to be positive dude
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