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Originally Posted by BANFAN
@Ammark.... A crime of Julian Asange would probably even not reach upto the courts in Europe or would have ended with a mere fine... But it has gone upto non bailable arrest and deportation... When the politicans want, law can never remain truly independent... Putul has enough to buy a PR anywhere in the world if she wants.... If its cancelled due to political reasons it can Always be beyond the law ... And law is always as you interpret.. Haven't GWB given enough example of that ..??
It's a see-sawing battle. If you note what is going on in the courts of Pakistan, Egypt and Fiji, you'll see that the courts are taking a very active role in targeting present and former Prime Ministers/Presidents/Military Dictators. In Pakistan in particular, they've forcibly deposed one incumbent prime minister and are trying to depose the next one too! Is it the work of the opposition? Or external governments, donors and intelligence agencies? it's all unverifiable speculation.

It's not new though. Pinochet had cases against him in multiple jurisdictions and Fujimori still does. What does this mean? Is it the judiciary exercising its independence by prosecuting even those who held Presidential power or is it simply symptomatic of the judiciary catering to the whims of those who hold the reigns of power at present? That's a complex question.
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