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Originally Posted by Navo
It's a see-sawing battle. If you note what is going on in the courts of Pakistan, Egypt and Fiji, you'll see that the courts are taking a very active role in targeting present and former Prime Ministers/Presidents/Military Dictators. In Pakistan in particular, they've forcibly deposed one incumbent prime minister and are trying to depose the next one too! Is it the work of the opposition? Or external governments, donors and intelligence agencies? it's all unverifiable speculation.
as far as Pak is concerned... NO.. It's not the opposition... It's the judiciary itself.. You must have remembered the tussle between the then chief justice Mr Iftekhar and Mosharraf over the PCO issue.

When the chief justice was reinstated through a bloody public revolution.. The chief justice was duty bound to pursue the promises he made during the revolution. Best part is, he is not sold out like most of the SA revolutionary heroes and he is keeping up to his promises irrespective of the consequences.

Like in BD, a chief justice in Pakistan is also appointed by government, so the candidates who are sweating for the post won't be so active or visible against the government and probably will have a spine less SC in future after them like in BD. but this guy is grateful to the people and is not currently bothered about what will come or an extension, so he is doing what he is doing. Let his term finish and see what unfolds. Currently the government isn't in any position to fire him.

This is truly the case... If any HOD in BD wants to be honest he can be, but he has to forget about an extension and he has to face what comes after his retirement, in the form of harassment, well, if people at large would show the currage to ignore that, we could have a neutral society and justice in all the organizations.. But we have too many people of weaker spine... So the politicians dictate everything violating laws when it's necessary..such is the power of politics in corrupted third world. And it works equally in the developed world, when someone disturbs/threatens to disturb the interest of both parties, like Asange..
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