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^ I don't disagree with the point about many high officials having no backbone! But we have had our fair share of fiercely independent judges - but that's for another thread.

On topic, some more articles from DS on the Padma Bridge:

Target Clean Project
Rejaul Karim Byron and Md Fazlur Rahman

"The long-cherished Padma bridge project will now be implemented with a new approach, with donors having more clout in the procurement to ensure quality work and prevent corruption in the project.

Donor agencies and the government are now negotiating about various options to this end after the main financier, World Bank, has formally revived its $1.2 billion credit deal for the project, finance ministry officials said.

"The government agreed to a series of measures as a pre-requisite for any renewed implementation," the bank said in a statement, released from Washington on Thursday.

"These include new procurement arrangements with enhanced oversight to ensure transparency and clean construction of the bridge," it added."

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Of heroes, zeroes
Staff reporter

Finance Minister AMA Muhith and Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Adviser Gowher Rizvi had never given up on the World Bank fund for the Padma bridge constriction, facing sometimes harsh criticism.

Credit also goes to LGRD Minister Syed Ashraful Islam.

On the other hand, former communications minister Syed Abul Hossain and PM's Economic Affairs Adviser Mashiur Rahman themselves portrayed their image as self-loving.

They too had every possibility to be heroes by resigning on their own to fulfil the WB conditions for reversal of the loan cancellation.

The winning back the hearts of the top management of the Washington-based lender was too difficult a job, if not impossible. But the finance minister has never lost hope since the WB suspended the loan bringing corruption allegations in September last year.

He was also vocal against building the bridge with internal funds as proposed by the prime minister and others. Officials said such a plan meant a huge burden on the nation, as it would make a big dent in the country's foreign currency reserve.

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