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Default Mohd. Ashraful

I am a poster from India and rarely post on this forum.

So, I was watching some old footage of Ash when he did Brian Lara like pull off the hip off Gillespie and I distinctly remember thinking at the time he will be one of the best in the world. But things have gone horribly wrong somewhere.

I wonder what you think of it. Forgive me, if I sound rude but Bangladeshi fans and players both seem some what over emotional. I have seen Tamim and Shakib show great potential and many others too in Bangladeshi team. But my guess is that they are not able to control the adrenaline. You have to show heart but out there in the middle it is all about what is between your ears. Ashraful has played some very rash shots and gotten out. I have always looked for him to do well. He seems to be getting too squared up lately.

Here is hoping he turns it around thi smatch.
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